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Darkfall 1.0 12/18/2003 | TotalMadOwnage Link | views: 2810
Darkfall Online DevChat

Claus stepped into the #darkfall channel on IRC and it did not take along time until the questioning commenced. here follows an edited version of the chat.
It is being updated as the chat progresses.

Selrik: Hows the other continents creation coming along?
Claus|Dev: we are working in the dwarven areas now

SoL]-Vulpes: any lore in the making?
Oromea|Gaintlord: lore is done, just waiting on new web site
Claus|Dev: not sure about how much of the lore will be on the new site.. I am not very involved in the site

Myrd: Are the rpgvault updates done with totally or just creating new stuff to hand them?
Claus|Dev: and the vault updates are on hold while we upgrade some neato features most are in already

Oromea|Gaintlord: Can you you tell us any of the new features?
Claus|Dev: the new features..graphical enhancements to the engine, planetary system and whatnot

stounedi: here's something I've wanted to ask for some time: When did you guys write the first line of code for the source?
Claus|Dev: the first lines of code.. damn.. thats a long time ago, like 98 I think

stounedi: Oromea|Gaintlord, I think bubble chat is fine. But there could be an option to disable it, too
Claus|Dev: we wont have bubble chat

Oromea|Gaintlord: Hows the fighting effects coming? still having trouble?
Claus|Dev: no trouble, just hard to bump it on the priority list

Selrik: How long would it take to walk across one of the smaller 4 continents (guesstimate)?
Claus|Dev: selrik: hard to say, since we havent finalized player run speed yet
Claus|Dev: the designers want it fast, and the programmers want it slow
Claus|Dev: well the programmers worry about lag, and designers worry about playability and fun
[SoL]-Vulpes: interesting, as i remmeber runspeed etc, has been a topic on the boards a lot, any directions where it going? like AC as in a skill and variational run speed or like DAOC with fixed run skills modded by say armor, race, terrain?
Claus|Dev: hehe its a constant fight
Claus|Dev: all those vulpes
Claus|Dev: run speed, modified by armor, terrain, run skill etc
Claus|Dev: fast is better for gameplay, but hell if it lags
Claus|Dev: yea.. we will have to tune it alot
Claus|Dev: you see in the worldbuilder, the designers fly around with insane speed so we are useed to it being fast sometimes when I go to player run speed, I go omg was it that far from ruin x to spawn y
its kinda weird

Oromea|Gaintlord: have you guys tested ship combat yet?
Claus|Dev: gaintlord: no, we have tested aspects of it tho
Oromea|Gaintlord: Will targeting on ships be like normal combat? or a different system?
Claus|Dev: yes, targeting on ships is like normal combat
rekker: will you be able to jump from ship to ship?
Claus|Dev: yea
CS|doob: what happens if you miss your mark and fall in the ocean
Oromea|Gaintlord: swim baby swim

Myrd: Gah i forgot AC's monthly patches lasted 6 hours....hmm DF better have shorter patches but with so much DB interaction i fear not.
Claus|Dev: we will make sure to have as much patch downtime as possible

whaledawg: hey, are the forums down or something?
stounedi: whaledawg, yes, it says the forums are being upgraded
Oromea|Gaintlord: hehe boards are down for a upgrade

stounedi: oh yes, I'll ask this question we've been wondering at the forums: Will the players have different hit locations and able to wear different armor pieces to protect the body parts, or will the character counted as a single hit area and all armor stack up to a total armor value?
Claus|Dev: stounedi: armor is added up, and counted as one.. if not, it favours the people with the lowest ping too much

Claus|Dev: please note that I cant answer all your questions
Chaos_Around: just the first 1000?
Claus|Dev: hehe
Claus|Dev: ill tell you this though, I may have said it before screenshots lie. especially our screenshots
SoL]-Vulpes: why?
Claus|Dev: cause when you actually play the game, everything moves its like a real world clouds cast shadow on the ground grass and trees move in the wind based on the wind actually the sun rises and sets casting 100% dynamic shadows the boats move with the sea etc
Claus|Dev: its just too much to explain and it all works and looks absolutely amazing =)
Claus|Dev: unbiased opinion

rekker: claus, is there gonna be anything like ? or somethin ^_^
Claus|Dev: I dont know
rekker: you can search for ure UO characters read other peoples skills and see their paper doll
Claus|Dev: no we wont do that for obvious reasons
Claus|Dev: its a competitive game.. I wouldnt like it if my enemies knew my stats and skills

stounedi: my opinion about the "newbie-killing to get skills up" issue is: Make a system that counts up how difficult the opponent is (ie. level or "exp" based system). Then, dont give as much skill "points" from easier kills. (I guess such is already in, I mean it wouldnt make sens if you could get your attack skills high by stomping on the ants whole day) =)
Claus|Dev: yep we have that
CS|doob: something hours of opponents killed add up your opponents playtime
Claus|Dev: we track how many different players you have killed among other things so I wouldnt worry too much if Jape has killed 1000 players and 2 different ones everyone knows he is a cheat

stounedi: Claus|Dev, maybe you could enlight us a bit. How will the newbie-killing actually handled? Am I totally wrong, if I presume that killing newbies (your own race, not in war) is totally ok, but it would not give you as much gains as killing someone your own size. Plus you would get the negative hit to alignment, making guards in friendly cities and other npc's more hostile towards you.
Claus|Dev: killing your own race is bad kinda like being a red player in uo
Claus|Dev: camping newbies of a race you dont like is fine tho but expect other players to remove you
Claus|Dev: I think the way the game is designed, you will want to stay on the good side of your own race
Claus|Dev: but its up to you guys to play how you want