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Darkfall 1.0 7/5/2010 | DF-Forum Link | views: 784
Darkfall's Chaos Chest #2 (Bi-Weekly recap)


As with our in game Chaos Chests you'll never know what you get!
It's hard to keep up with updates and interesting happenings in game and around the forums. But fret not, the community liaisons are here to help.

We will recap on a regular basis to make sure you don't miss any important information.
Additionally we will pick a few examples of the many interesting reads around the forums. (If you think a specific thread or event is worth mentioning contact any of the liaisons. Keep in mind though that we are looking at suggestions directly on the forums, there is no need to send links about them to make a stronger point.)

.:: Official News ::.
  • On the 30st of June more official news about the upcoming expansion surfaced here.

  • On the 2nd of July the team also shared their plans for environmental sounds with us. Adding a nice little teaser trailer on top for viewing pleasure. The news sparked interest all around the net.

  • The Darkfall Lobby saw several updates recently. Please make sure you download the latest version.

.:: Around the web ::.
  • MMORPG Italia was able to get their hands on an exclusive Interview with Darkfall's Tasos Flambouras. Get your information directly from the source.

  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Kieron Gillion's Interview got the attention of Massively and sparked some controversial discussion over at their site.

  • Syncaine's Entry on his blog about the Newbie Hero is also worthwhile reading

.:: Official Events ::.
  • Stay tuned for future events including lore development!

.:: Player created Events ::.
  • Ninogan is at it again. This time we will see teams of 2 fighting it out in the 2vs2 Tournament on EU-1.

  • A challenge of different sorts has been issued by Falthorn of Black Company to the players on EU-1. He offers an in game prize for a challenge to stay fit out of game. Check out more information here.

  • Orolt Lifebringer hosted a treasure hunt on EU-1 much to the joy of the eager riddle-solvers.

  • NA-1 also saw an exciting 2vs2 Tournament. The first to be hosted and organized, after the game changes, by Indestructible Specimen and his clan Vigilante. For results check out the corresponding thread here.

.:: The battle for Agon ::.
The politics on both EU-1 and NA-1 might be influenced by the fact that several long-time clans are either upping up their member count or are back and kicking in the game.
  • EU-1
    Big fight last Sunday on the Burning Glory fortress. SUN wanted revenge from DPS for sinking their Ship-Of-The-Line with their Frigate, so another identical battle was going full-on. Meanwhile though, 5Z managed to sneak-capture the fortress while the 2 bigger forces were fighting each other, netting over 300 rare ore for their members!

    Also, last night SUN declared a siege on Silmiyat, a hamlet they had conquered before but lost to ANG. They hope to take it back, but ANG will definitely not make this an easy job for them.

  • NA-1
    On the American servers, the new hot issue is the comeback of The Mercs. The Mercs have definitely left their mark on EU-1, as one of the strongest (and most vocal) guilds in the early-mid days of EU-1, and now everyone is waiting to see what’s up their sleeve for their comeback on NA-1.

We are interested in finding neutral players who would like to work with us on a weekly basis to update the community on general war happenings on both servers. You can send a pm to any of the community liaison if you are interested. Please state why you would be a good candidate to comment and update us on happenings we might miss. Thank you!

.:: Around the forum ::.
  • We found Grim Creaper's enchanting site very helpful and wanted to make sure no one is missing this great source. Check it out here. Also note: The site is a 5k contest entry. The inclusion in this recap doesn't indicate anything about how it will fare in the actual voting.

.:: Creative Corner ::.
  • The NEW clan (and friends) on EU-1 took the time to create a video to introduce the player city they are currently operating out of.

.:: General Help and information ::.
  • Our out of game customer support team is happy to help you with any issues here: EU / NA

  • Should you run into problems but can't log in to send a ticket through the support system you can use the following emails: EU / NA

.:: New players ::.
  • For new players, please make sure you link your gaming account to your forum account by following this guide, in order to be able to post in the subscriber forums.

  • The official help guide is available both in and out of game. For in game information use the help icon in your main menu.

  • An additional helpful New Player Compilation by Asnar of the NEW clan on EU can be found here.

Also check out Chaos Chest #1

That's all the loot for now.
Happy hunting everyone!