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Prowess Section
I added a prowess section that will display all the levels where prowess gain will become lower. And a sub-page prowess gains which lists specific prowess related to various game 'resources' (basically the name of the resource and then doing the action associated with it be it kill, craft, loot, etc.). It also allows you to input your prowess to see how much you'll get at your current level.

Political Website
I created an update political map website to keep players updated on in-game politics.

Crafting Website
I created a new crafting website to help crafters find the list of materials they need for items (and have a easy list to copy / paste so they can send them to buyers), or how many items they can make based on their materials.

Comments/suggestions about the website should be directed to this forum.

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[Agron Maximus] You really think you were 1st?
[Agron Maximus] Just because I rarely talk in Global doesn't mean I am a new one!
[Agron Maximus] Hm, not sure. But maybe they put a disco ball and a DJ set for those who like medieval clubbing anthems.