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Prowess Section
I added a prowess section that will display all the levels where prowess gain will become lower. And a sub-page prowess gains which lists specific prowess related to various game 'resources' (basically the name of the resource and then doing the action associated with it be it kill, craft, loot, etc.). It also allows you to input your prowess to see how much you'll get at your current level.

Political Website
I created an update political map website to keep players updated on in-game politics.

Crafting Website
I created a new crafting website to help crafters find the list of materials they need for items (and have a easy list to copy / paste so they can send them to buyers), or how many items they can make based on their materials.

Comments/suggestions about the website should be directed to this forum.

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Darkfall 2.0 3/21/2014 | DFID | views: 389
GM Magna Eidolon on NA1 3/21/2014

[Magna Eidolon] Brought
[Magna Eidolon] You can spell it wrong if your spells are right though
[Magna Eidolon] Hello Nithron, and everyone else
[Magna Eidolon] There's a few fixes that we could use right now but you'll need to wait a bit truth be told
[Magna Eidolon] There are flags placed in all four subcontinents, plus one in the main continent - get out there, find them and get the chance to win some easy riches
[Magna Eidolon] Clock's ticking
[Magna Eidolon] Flags do expire
[Magna Eidolon] Pretty much in the open with some exceptions
[Magna Eidolon] Almostan hour and 40 minutes
[Magna Eidolon] And no flags have been yet found
[Magna Eidolon] Strongboxes
[Magna Eidolon] Yup
[Magna Eidolon] True that
[Magna Eidolon] And slippery solace
[Magna Eidolon] Prepare to be teleported
[Magna Eidolon] Two flags found, two to go
[Magna Eidolon] I don't really expect you to find the fifth one
[Magna Eidolon] And for those that are wondering both Manic Reign and Slippery Solace share the same island now
[Magna Eidolon] The Cairn flag has been found
[Magna Eidolon] Nifl and Yssam yet to be found
[Magna Eidolon] Two strangers, spending their time searching for treasure in an exotic island..
[Magna Eidolon] This summer, across Agon, flags will wave one more time..
[Magna Eidolon] Ever seen those huge spiral things near the middle of the map with all the weird symbols ?
[Magna Eidolon] That's a hint
[Magna Eidolon] No need Manic Reign - You'll need to survive first
[Magna Eidolon] Plenty of time yet, once they expire it won't matter anyhow
[Magna Eidolon] Perhaps those stranded in the island already could elicit the help of allies ?
[Magna Eidolon] Or evoke the ire of their enemies ?
[Magna Eidolon] Perhaps a settlement on Niff
[Magna Eidolon] Ulor Stinkcrusher will join them on the island! Yssam flag found
[Magna Eidolon] The flag on Niff and the main continent still remain to be found
[Magna Eidolon] While the island of Namlit contains not one, but two strongboxes..
[Magna Eidolon] Anyone close to the flag near the center ?
[Magna Eidolon] Niff and Central flags yet to be found
[Magna Eidolon] Well, kinda central
[Magna Eidolon] Not over, still looking for two flags
[Magna Eidolon] Straight Liner and Onepump Wonder found the last of the flags!
[Magna Eidolon] All brave explorers are now at Namlit
[Magna Eidolon] One of the strongboxes has mysteriously vanished..
[Magna Eidolon] Looks like Onepump wonder came prepared..
[Magna Eidolon] Will they escape with the riches ?
[Magna Eidolon] Will everyone else on the island survive ?
[Magna Eidolon] If anyone would like to port out before they're dead meat, they can escape with some riches - all they have to do is find me on Namlit
[Magna Eidolon] One extraction ticket with a care package still waiting
[Magna Eidolon] Straight Liner has found the extraction point!
[Magna Eidolon] Destination?
[Magna Eidolon] Maybe next time we could do this on a sailing boat!