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Prowess Section
I added a prowess section that will display all the levels where prowess gain will become lower. And a sub-page prowess gains which lists specific prowess related to various game 'resources' (basically the name of the resource and then doing the action associated with it be it kill, craft, loot, etc.). It also allows you to input your prowess to see how much you'll get at your current level.

Political Website
I created an update political map website to keep players updated on in-game politics.

Crafting Website
I created a new crafting website to help crafters find the list of materials they need for items (and have a easy list to copy / paste so they can send them to buyers), or how many items they can make based on their materials.

Comments/suggestions about the website should be directed to this forum.

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Hotfix 8/8/2014


Hotfix notes
  • Fixed an issue with hitboxes not registering ray and cone attacks properly. This should also fix problems with melee attacks.
  • Removed damage inflicted from horizontal speed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Metamorphosis Manipulator being consumed without the appearance changes taking effect.
  • Fixed a bug where some game options would not take effect.
  • Fixed a client crash that would happen with certain props in areas such as Valahir.
  • Added icons for Crackshot and Boomshot Catapult firing skills.
  • Fixes to Clan Scaffoldings Collisions, Texture Issues and prop placement in order to make the navigation up easier.
  • Various Fixes in Tughri and Angfrost.
  • Various Geometry and Texture fixes to all Wall Sets.
  • Many Collision Updates to Tovar, Mirdain, Mahirim and Mercian City Walls.
  • Added an extra part to the top side of the Alfari Walls in order to be more in line with the rest of the sets.
  • Fixed an issue where the catapult firing animation was desynced.