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Prowess Section
I added a prowess section that will display all the levels where prowess gain will become lower. And a sub-page prowess gains which lists specific prowess related to various game 'resources' (basically the name of the resource and then doing the action associated with it be it kill, craft, loot, etc.). It also allows you to input your prowess to see how much you'll get at your current level.

Political Website
I created an update political map website to keep players updated on in-game politics.

Crafting Website
I created a new crafting website to help crafters find the list of materials they need for items (and have a easy list to copy / paste so they can send them to buyers), or how many items they can make based on their materials.

Comments/suggestions about the website should be directed to this forum.

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Darkfall 2.0 3/24/2014 | DFID | views: 87
GM Magna Eidolon on NA1 3/24/2014

[Magna Eidolon] A zerg is always the easiest choice - it is left to any advantages a smaller force can field to be able to stand against a zerg
[Magna Eidolon] It's still 1.5:1
[Magna Eidolon] technically speaking, they were outnumbered
[Magna Eidolon] I don't do that but if it makes you feel better sure
[Magna Eidolon] It's 7:57 EEST
[Magna Eidolon] UTC+2
[Magna Eidolon] Athens, Istanbul, Minsk
[Magna Eidolon] a house with unpaid rent will expire in 10+3 days
[Magna Eidolon] 10 but there is a grace period
[Magna Eidolon] Itching for a ride ?
[Magna Eidolon] Can't do that just yet - but let me think
[Magna Eidolon] First of all - if I had the tools , some of which we are working on - I'd be sure to make use of them.
[Magna Eidolon] There's some work being done about that too - I think its an nProtect system but that's all I know
[Magna Eidolon] 15 years of DnD DM since before AD&D
[Magna Eidolon] And the quirkiness
[Magna Eidolon] That's okay - who gets to pop first ?
[Magna Eidolon] Red Chicken : ah the anatomy card. So many orifices depending on evolutionary randomness and/or power tools
[Magna Eidolon] Mortal Man : I really have no idea whether the JDK can be easily changed and what improvements it can yield
[Magna Eidolon] Yes and no
[Magna Eidolon] Cute Girl: No
[Magna Eidolon] Well that's not fair Red Chicken - I thought we were doing fine
[Magna Eidolon] That's going to change
[Magna Eidolon] The champion class, I don't think so soon
[Magna Eidolon] Saying that dura loss is not full loot is wrong - it's not pointless either - would you prefer there was a random 50% everything went poof ?
[Magna Eidolon] It will be fine again once your're knee deep in loot anyhow
[Magna Eidolon] Loot tables are being reworked as we speak
[Magna Eidolon] From what I can see in the forums and in-game, few people see the whole picture
[Magna Eidolon] You think our picture is skewed - I think it's not - but I know it's our fault you believe it to be so
[Magna Eidolon] That is true but we're really hoping we can put that in the past, acknowledge the mistakes and work towards a goal you will be able to backup 100%
[Magna Eidolon] Mortal Man: We are considering how to improve MVP and increase activity engagement for all the community
[Magna Eidolon] Cute Girl : I understand you need to vent but that hate doesn't solve anything
[Magna Eidolon] Mortal Man : yes - in that essence their feedback is needed on why they left
[Magna Eidolon] I dont't think models are an immediate concern
[Magna Eidolon] Changing models is not the same as masks - it really took a few hours for one man and you keep regurgitating the same idea
[Magna Eidolon] That it took weeks or something
[Magna Eidolon] Mortal Man: not yet
[Magna Eidolon] That, I don't know
[Magna Eidolon] No, yes
[Magna Eidolon] Follow Squando's footsteps Cute Girl
[Magna Eidolon] The common heal and mobility spells have been much requested
[Magna Eidolon] Mortal Man: that's too specific a balancing issue - I have no idea
[Magna Eidolon] You mean enforcing the ToS because of continuous excessive trolling and toxicity that reflects badly on the staff and the game ?
[Magna Eidolon] Maybe.
[Magna Eidolon] No the way he said it was not right
[Magna Eidolon] We can have a discussion and point out the flaws and suggest ways to fix it instead of derailing everything and boiling it down to "Retard"
[Magna Eidolon] He was referring to slurs
[Magna Eidolon] Not using them
[Magna Eidolon] The meta in Global is storng
[Magna Eidolon] no
[Magna Eidolon] Mute will also be a very popular gm command once in
[Magna Eidolon] Not at all Kade - you could still use local in your clan city - have a chat around the bindstone and so on
[Magna Eidolon] Right now I'm at 169
[Magna Eidolon] We're talking a timed mute certainly (in minutes)
[Magna Eidolon] Yeah EU is around 60-70
[Magna Eidolon] No idea nothing to do in Asia for us
[Magna Eidolon] To clarify on that there were deliverables that had to be met unfortunately that impacted the game here - to the extent that it's applicable , we apologize
[Magna Eidolon] It means that we were being pushed hard to deliver and had to leave things on the backburner for a while
[Magna Eidolon] We're not planning on doing that again, much the opposite
[Magna Eidolon] Corpse Grinder: The perceved implications of a full-blown reality that inherently does not contradict the anthropocentric principle is not lost to us.
[Magna Eidolon] Straight Flexxin: why do you think that ? You think I'm a puppet reading a script , right ?
[Magna Eidolon] Nah, it wouldn't be fun
[Magna Eidolon] Don't mind me but that's meta thinking to the extreme - in a way I undertand the playerbase has been conditioned to think like this - again, our fault
[Magna Eidolon] I don't really think I can keep people subbed just by holding their hands
[Magna Eidolon] The game ? No - the universe, duh ?
[Magna Eidolon] The Porch: Weather machine needs tweaking
[Magna Eidolon] Void Walker: early april - should have a date end of week
[Magna Eidolon] Kade: the hobbit ?
[Magna Eidolon] Wor Games: AoI and levy collector, feat window/tracker not sure to which extend
[Magna Eidolon] Bella Donna: I'll probably have more info about that tomorrow
[Magna Eidolon] We have plans on pushing marketing a lot but only after some core fixes
[Magna Eidolon] Ah, Warrior cause it's easy
[Magna Eidolon] No, I said it because I suck
[Magna Eidolon] Not really but it wouldn't hurt if we add the option to name the boat..
[Magna Eidolon] Or log off if you don't like the talk
[Magna Eidolon] There's been bans but didn't require public display
[Magna Eidolon] Minnie Mouse: right now we have no focus on boats other than perks related to boats including speed for instance
[Magna Eidolon] Mortal Man: For instance chargebacks don't go into banhammer
[Magna Eidolon] Some types of ToS Violations - others do go up
[Magna Eidolon] Nothing yet on next school inclusion
[Magna Eidolon] What's wrong with Oaklord ?
[Magna Eidolon] Just curious - I did him a favor - got a portal shard and ported him legit
[Magna Eidolon] That's because of high pop on bindstones cramping up on each other, can happen with lots of people in the same space
[Magna Eidolon] How about we create some ?
[Magna Eidolon] Something cool ?
[Magna Eidolon] Gimme some time to prepare
[Magna Eidolon] How about a change of scenery, and a hunt ?
[Magna Eidolon] First one to get to Oxul and click the flag gets a prize and a heads up for a an easy mission!
[Magna Eidolon] Oxul is at the eastern part of Yssam
[Magna Eidolon] I'll be standing at the flag - once you click it I'll be announcing what lies next in store
[Magna Eidolon] Ah that's right mixed it up in my head like when you signal left but really want to turn right
[Magna Eidolon] Still no takers at Oxul - it's easy
[Magna Eidolon] Fengor Cot and Xavia Volorien will be escortin me through a reasearch trip in the ruins of Yssam
[Magna Eidolon] There's surely more riches to be found
[Magna Eidolon] It's up to them to find the ruins, flags, and strongboxes in question - I'm merely taking notes but it'll be sad if I die
[Magna Eidolon] Lead the way guys, looking for ruins marked by flags
[Magna Eidolon] For those that are wondering, near the flags there are stronboxes with a reward inside
[Magna Eidolon] I see that Teh Monster got to one flag but there wasn't anything of value there - perhaps the next ruins will offer more reward
[Magna Eidolon] You'll be interested to know I'm still alive and running around the coastline to the next ruins
[Magna Eidolon] Spur of the moment
[Magna Eidolon] There are ruins in Yssam I need to check out
[Magna Eidolon] And I need to be alive to open the strongboxes with the rewards..
[Magna Eidolon] Phreak Uout and Teh Monster are in place waiting for me to arrive - will anyone challenge them ?