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Prowess Section
I added a prowess section that will display all the levels where prowess gain will become lower. And a sub-page prowess gains which lists specific prowess related to various game 'resources' (basically the name of the resource and then doing the action associated with it be it kill, craft, loot, etc.). It also allows you to input your prowess to see how much you'll get at your current level.

Political Website
I created an update political map website to keep players updated on in-game politics.

Crafting Website
I created a new crafting website to help crafters find the list of materials they need for items (and have a easy list to copy / paste so they can send them to buyers), or how many items they can make based on their materials.

Comments/suggestions about the website should be directed to this forum.

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Darkfall 2.0 3/18/2014 | DFID | views: 318
GM Amurdom Thent & GM Magna Eidolon on NA1 3/18/2014

[Amurdom Thent] Hey all, the siegestones in Mathyra are placed correctly and noone is at fault. May I also remind people that sharing private conversations with GMs is a bannable offense and it will be enforced.

[Magna Eidolon] "I'm afraid I can't do that Dave"
[Magna Eidolon] Krag Lor you keep asking for the same round numbers
[Magna Eidolon] We don't have Avogadros here
[Magna Eidolon] Something point something for sure
[Magna Eidolon] Chemistry is in effect, applied physics, which is in turn, applied math, which is just an idea really
[Magna Eidolon] I'm not just being helpful - I don't have any solid dates for you but once a shop is up it will include prowess reset
[Magna Eidolon] A services shop
[Magna Eidolon] I mean , prowess reset for money, but not right now
[Magna Eidolon] Basically the idea is to add some much requested features available at a price that will affect neither the economy, balance, or gameplay
[Magna Eidolon] Haven't been people asking for prowess reset, name change and these utilities for months now ? Would it be that awful if we just added that ?
[Magna Eidolon] See ? The common denominator is prowess reset - name change would have some impact on fame and jackers and such
[Magna Eidolon] Unless the name list was public
[Magna Eidolon] See there's a way around that too
[Magna Eidolon] That's what I'm saying Kas Mos - loot tables are being rebalanced but I really have nothing solid on when it will be fully ready
[Magna Eidolon] Let's start swinging things round and we'll get there
[Magna Eidolon] For the last time, masks was just something Art suggested and was easy to add, a few hours work
[Magna Eidolon] Loot tables wouldn't take just a few hours because the real issue how any rebalancing will affect current and future aspects of the economy - so it's not just tweaking numbers
[Magna Eidolon] There's lots of fair comments, and some would need to be broken down into discussions of their own - I do hope we can get to the point where most of this will be made clear
[Magna Eidolon] First of all Uilliam Wallace, that isn't quite right when translated - makes little to no sense
[Magna Eidolon] It can be roughly translated as 'a**hole' but its word root is sexual
[Magna Eidolon] Perhaps we should have a troll hunting season
[Magna Eidolon] We're planning on more events
[Magna Eidolon] It's called a minimap for a reason Anima
[Magna Eidolon] Were trying, on our end, as GMs to make the game more fun, if not better
[Magna Eidolon] There's probably a good reason why you can't have it back
[Magna Eidolon] My style is RP, others are more straight forward
[Magna Eidolon] Ohno Thatguy : that sounds harmless but there could be more to it - I suggest you place a ticket
[Magna Eidolon] Not necessarily, I think of events as nice ways to engage the players in something fun, different - it's like ad-hoc content
[Magna Eidolon] Yes Whisker
[Magna Eidolon] Yup
[Magna Eidolon] That's in the eye of the beholder Whisker
[Magna Eidolon] Cottoneye Joe : that should grow organically with the upcoming mechanics
[Magna Eidolon] I probably used the word counter-intuitively - a more appropriate term would be naturally